Bamborough Jazzamataz

Bamborough Jazzamataz

Mirinda Sovereign x Downland Razzamatazz (imp)
12.2hh Liver chestnut Welsh B, ASPA, App RPSB sire

Jazz has correct conformation, fantastic movement and presence which combined with an impeccable temperament has contributed to his success both as a sire and as a show pony.

Jazz is truly a delightful pony in every respect and his progeny are following in his footsteps. A number of Jazz’s offspring are enjoying successful show careers in Qld, NSW, Vic & SA.

In recent years we have been breeding Jazz to larger thoroughbred type mares to produce progeny up to 14.2hh. These larger ponies and galloways are fantastic performance types with excellent movement and jumping ability. Allengreen Holly (Jazz x Winter Wood Rose (TB)) was classified 1st Premium on the 2009 ASPR tour with an overall score of 76.25%. Her individual scores included:

Walk 7   Neck 8.5
Trot 7.5   Overall Type 8
Canter 7   Jumping Scope 8.5
Correctness to Gaits 7.5   Jumping Technique 8.5
Neck 8   Bascule 8.5


The assessors commented that she was an excellent jumping mare, as evidenced by her scores, showing her 4th ever free jumping session during the classification.

Jazz's Performances include:

Champion Led Welsh Stallion or Colt, winner of Ridden APSB, Led & Ridden ASPA - Canberra Royal 2002.
Champion Ridden Stallion - APSB National Show 2001.
Champion Led Stallion n.e. 12.2hh - Australian Saddle Pony National Show 2002.
Countless Champions and Supremes at agricultural & breed shows.

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